Wageningen Student Choir and Orchestra Association

You can also find information on the WSKOV on our own page on the website of Studenten Wegwijzer, a platform where students can find tips and special offers for a pleasant academic year. 

Introducing the WSKOV!


WSKOV is the abbreviation of the Dutch name “Wageningse Studenten Koor- en Orkest Vereniging”, also known as the Wageningen Student Choir and Orchestra Association. We are a musical association that started making and performing music in the year 1919, and still does so to the present day! As our name already indicates, we consist of both a choir (50-70 people) and an orchestra (30-40 people) that rehearse on separate days. On Tuesdays, the orchestra rehearses from 19:30-22:00, and on Thursday evening, the choir sings together, also from 19:30-22:00 at our rehearsal location ‘the Aula’ (Generaal Foulkesweg 1, Wageningen). The rehearsals are led by our professional conductors, Frank Adams for the orchestra and Krista Audere for the choir. After rehearsal, we often stay for drinks in our association building behind the aula, where members get to know each other, and where people who did not satisfy their musical needs during rehearsal yet, make even more music! In our association building we also have two rehearsal rooms equipped with grand pianos, for practice or playing together with friends. You can make use of these rooms as a member, but you can also become a roomuser without joining the WSKOV.

Each academic year is divided into two seasons, a short one running from September to December, and a long one from January to June. This means we accept new members every September and every January. Both experienced and less experienced musicians are more than welcome, and as our rehearsals are conducted in English our association is also accessible for international students. Halfway each season we go on a rehearsal weekend where we not only rehearse together intensely (the name gave it away, didn’t it), but where we also eat together, play games together, dance together, and bond together! Naturally, each season ends with a concert weekend. We often give two concerts, of which at least one is in Wageningen. During these concerts, both choir and orchestra perform! After the concert, we also make sure to have a proper afterparty. Once every two or three years, we also venture out of the Netherlands during our concert tour. Summer 2019 took us to Germany and trips before have been to destinations such as Spain and Sweden. During these tours, we go on a musical holiday together, giving multiple concerts abroad and having lots of fun!

Feel free to browse around our website to learn more about our board, our conductors, our sponsors, or our upcoming concerts!