Our past Lustrum Concerts

Echoes of Nature
105 jaar WSKOV

Last 7 & 8 June the WSKOV gave their wonderful Lustrum concerts at the Stevenskerk in Nijmegen and Junushoff Wageningen. Pictures are available via our social media channels (found below or via the homepage).

This winter we will resume our Echoes of Nature project with two more winter concerts. More info will be published around September!

2024 will mark the 105th birthday of the WSKOV, and because of that we will have a special lustrum programm in the theme ‘Echoes of Nature’. We will look at the echoes of our past and shape our future to support nature.

As our music echoes in the churches during our concerts, so does our history echo throughout Wageningen. 105 years of students in the domain of natural sciences making music calls for a celebration.

Our members can look forward to a party with the other student orchestras of the Netherlands, a day full of masterclasses, a day to relive the past with former members, and a gala to top it all off.


We celebrated the start of our lustrum on the 25th of January together with Wageningen University & Research with a special concert on campus. You can see the poster below.

With our new repetoire you can also experience the magic of “Echoes of Nature”


View our complete repertoire here!