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Welcome to the website of the WSKOV! The WSKOV consists of a choir and symphony orchestra. Twice a year we have concerts in which we perform pieces of classical music. Curious? See our agenda or follow us on Facebook to see our upcoming concerts!


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 Visit our open rehearsals on January 7 & 14 (orchestra) and January 9 & 16 (choir) and start the new year by making friends with music, and making music with friends!

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Left to right:
Jasper de Graaf (Promotion & Acquisition)
Levi Kusters (Treasurer)
Yasmin Beij (Chair)
Mariska Taselaar (Secretary)
Thomas van Lieshout (Orchestra Commissioner)
Tamara van der Voort (Choir Manager)

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No music without conductors…

Meet Krista and Frank!

Krista Audere

Choir conductor

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Frank Adams

Orchestra conductor

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Wageningen Choir and Orchestra Association and…

Van Uven Foundation

Prof. dr. M.J. Van Uven (1878 – 1959) was a professor in Mathematics who founded the Wageningen Student Orchestra in 1919 and the Wageningen Student Choir in 1945. In 1947, the choir and orchestra were united into the Wageningen Student Choir and Orchestra Association. Professor Van Uven conducted the choir until 1954 and the orchestra until December 1957. He also funded the important materials to let the orchestra function by buying instruments and sheet music. The collection was later on managed by the Prof. Van Uven Foundation. Currently, The Van Uven Foundation holds several strings and uncommon winds instruments in trust. As a student, you can borrow these. Please mail to wskov@wur.nl for more Information.


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