Generaal Foulkesweg 37, 6703 BL Wageningen

The Board

Wageningen Student Choir and Orchestra Association

The 207th board, Season 2023-I


Niels Louws, Chair

Hello there, I’m Niels, 22 years old. I am the Chair of the WSKOV this season. I play the bassoon in the orchestra since 2019-II. After my minor abroad last season I decided to come back strong. Besides leading the board and playing bassoon I study landscape architecture. I plan on finishing my bachelor this year, after which I will start my masters. In my very limited free time I like to just relax by simply watching series. I’m looking very much forward to this season and all the rest to come.


Carolin Ellerkamp, Secretary

Hej, my name is Carolin, I’m 23 years old and I’m very happy to be the secretary of the WSKOV this season! Even before I started my masters in Environmental Sciences at the WUR last September, I knew that I wanted to join the association together with my bassoon. And so I did:) Besides doing things for the board & studying, I’m also a working student in the field of sustainability communication, so I spend my precious free time mostly together with friends, on my racing bike, with a good book or practicing my instruments. The WSKOV is very special to me, because it brings together so many different & unique people with the same passion: music. No matter the nationality (surprise, I’m not Dutch:)) – being around our WSKOV people just feels like a warm & loving hug.


Quinten van der Zanden, Treasurer

Hi everyone! I am Quinten, currently 24 years old. This is my fourth season at the WSKOV where I sing bass in the choir. I’ve studied Soil, Water

, Atmosphere and am currently working for Rijkswaterstaat. Besides working, singing and doing board stuff, I like to read, play some (board)games, have a nice evening with friends or take a nice (evening) walk.


Anna Groot, Orchestra Manager

Hi, My name is Anna, I am 22 years old and I am the orchestra manager for this season. Besides playing the violin, I am currently studying Master Food Technology. As this is my first year in Wageningen, this is also my first year at WSKOV.

Besides playing the violin, I like to play guitar, bake cakes and cookies and I play volleyball and sometimes run.




Lucas Driessen, Choir Manager

Hi, I’m Lucas, the choir manager this season! I sing baritone in the choir and I study Bsc Molecular Life Sciences at the WUR. I live in beautiful Renkum and intend to stay there as I rather enjoy cycling back and forth. When, after all the other stuff I need to do, I still have some energy left, I also play piano. Besides even this I always have too many hobbies at once, but making music will always be my great passion!



Board pictures 2023-I taken by Ruben Wartena