Generaal Foulkesweg 37, 6703 BL Wageningen

The Board

Wageningen Student Choir and Orchestra Association

The 206th board, Season 2022-II



Josje Schuttinga, Chair

Hi everyone! My name is Josje Schuttinga, I am 23 years old and currently doing my masters in organic agriculture. This is my seventh season at WSKOV, where I sing in the choir.

When I am not studying, singing or doing the tasks for the board, I like to paint and draw, read good books or watch a film. I also like to go for a run or do yoga.



Femke Broekema, Secretary

Hi everyone! My name is Femke, and I am the secretary of the WSKOV for season 2022-II. I’m 21 years old and currently studying biology (BSc) at the WUR. Apart from studying and doing WSKOV things, I listen to podcasts, go on walks and cuddle with my cats. I play the piano as well, but only when I am at my parents’ house. My two younger siblings still live there, so I try to visit them every weekend. Music-wise I’m more into punk/rock/metal, but I listen to almost everything. My favourite food is chocolate, it makes me happy. 🙂  xx Femke




Quinten van der Zanden, Treasurer

Hi everyone! I am Quinten, currently 24 years old. This is my third season at the WSKOV where I sing bass in the choir. I’m studying Soil, Water and Atmosphere, hopefully finally finishing this year an maybe continuing with the GIS master, or work (I’m currently applying). Besides studying and doing board stuff, I like to read, play some (board)games, have a nice evening with friends or take a nice evening walk.





Inge Sijpheer, Orchestra Manager

Hello! My name is Inge Sijpheer and it’s a pleasure to be the orchestra manager of the WSKOV this season. When I started studying Forest and Nature Conservation in Wageningen 1.5 years ago, I decided to join the orchestra. I play the violin! When I’m not playing, I like to go for a walk, clean my room (always necessary oops), read, have food with friends or sing.
What I love about the WSKOV is that all members share a passion: music. I think it’s wonderful to see how music connects people!





Mees Ike, Choir Manager

Hi! My name is Mees, I am 22 years old and I will be the choir manager for 2022-II. I am currently in my fourth year of the bachelor forest and nature conservation and hope to do the master GIS next year! I am a tenor in the choir of WSKOV but I also play the piano a little bit. As choir manager, I organize everything that has to do with the choir. You can always approach me if you have any questions, feedback or whenever you are just up for a chat!

When I am not busy with my studies or board tasks, I like to play video games (smash bros ultimate), cook and do coding in python.




Lucas Folmer, Promotion & Acquisition

Hi! My name is Lucas, I’m the commissioner of Promotion and Acquisition this season. This will be my 7th season at the WSKOV where I sing tenor at the moment. I used to play cello but switched to the choir last season. I’m in my 4th year of the Bachelor Biology and love everything that has something to do with nature. Mostly I love plants. When not making music I enjoy eating with friends, playing (board)games or going camping or hiking.

I’m really looking forward to the concerts to be able to perform all our amazing pieces with and for you!
Love you all, Lucas




Board pictures 2022-II taken by Katrien van der Hoeven