The Board

Wageningen Student Choir and Orchestra Association

The 204st board, Season 2021-II





Mirthe van Noort, Chair

Hi there! My name is Mirthe, I’m either 23 or 24 (math is hard) and I’m currently doing a master in forest and nature conservation. I am the chair for this season so I will be hard at work, finding a replacement rehearsal location for the Aula. Besides scouring for real estate it is also my job to uphold our contacts with other music associations.

I sing in the choir and when I am not doing that, I am annoying my roommates with my beautiful voice. I also enjoy writing and drawing.





Toos Muller, Secretary

Hi! My name is Toos Muller, I’m 20 and I am the secretary of the WSKOV for this season. I am in my third year now, of the bachelor Molecular Lifesciences. It will be my fifth season with the WSKOV.
Aside from my administrative duties, I write the Weekly and the minutes at our board meetings.

As I sadly can’t spend all my time making music with the WSKOV, I spend some of it on ballet classes, writing and baking (and subsequently eating what I have baked 😉 ).

This season we are finally able to rehearse again, so I know we will make this a great season!







Lucas Folmer, Treasurer

Hey Guys! My name is Lucas, I’m 20 years old and I’m the treasurer this season. As treasurer I’m responsible for keeping track of the associations finances and making sure everything gets paid on time.
I play the cello in the orchestra but enjoy singing as well.
Currently I’m in my third year of the bachelor Biology so if you have an interesting plant you can always let me know!
When not studying or making music I enjoy being outside to go camping or walking large distances. My other hobbies include reading and playing boardgames..







Jenne Meinema, Orchestra Manager

Hello! My name is Jenne. I am 21 years old and just started my master biotechnology. I am the Orchestra Manager, which means that I arrange all the things that have to do with the orchestra, such as communication with orchestra members and with Frank, our conductor, as well as providing sheet music, contacting soloists, etc. This will be my fifth season in the WSKOV where I play the bassoon. When I am not at the WSKOV or studying, I also like to row, cycle or cook.

Having already been in the board for two seasons filled with corona related struggles, my challenge for this season is to get us back on top musically. We can rehearse again, hopefully have concerts again, this is going to be a very exciting season for the board, now that we can do so much again!







Pien van Stijn, Choir Manager

Hello! My name is Pien, I am 21 years old and currently in my second year of the master Earth and Environment at Wageningen University. This will be my third season with the WSKOV, where I sing in the choir and play violin in the orchestra.

I am the choir manager this season, which means that I organise everything that has to do with both the choir and the roomusers of Klankrijk. You can always approach me if you have any questions, feedback or whenever you are just up for a chat!

When I am not busy with my studies or board tasks, I like to play the violin, sing, cook, go for walks and just chat with people





Josje Schuttinga, Promotion & Acquisition


Hi everyone! My name is Josje Schuttinga, I am 22 years old and currently doing my bachelor in International Development. This is my fourth season at WSKOV, where I sing in the choir.

This season I will be General Board Member, which means I get to be in charge of promotion and acquisition, and help out other board members when needed.

When I am not studying, singing or doing the tasks for the board, I like to paint and draw, read good books or watch a film. I also like to go for a run or do yoga.