Wageningen Choir and Orchestra Association

The WeekendCie is the committee which organizes the seasonal rehearsalweekend. During this weekend, we (normally) go to the Mussenest, a camping house in the middle of the forest not far away from Wageningen. With rehearsals, fun and ‘gezelligheid’ it’s a nice weekend. The WeekendCie takes care of everything besides the rehearsals. This includes doing the groceries, hiring and driving the van with all the luggage/instruments, leading the chores which have to be done and organizing a cool WeekendGame. About the chores; you don’t have to do all the dishes and such stuff! You lead a little team which will do this. Also, you make the announcements, answer questions, provide food to the members and wake everybody up. On Friday, you’ll be the first at the Mussenest to open it up. On Sunday evening, you make sure everything is clean and ready, so you can close the building and return the keys. This all sounds like a lot to take care of, but you’ll learn a lot about organizing a camp of ander woord and it’s fun to do! To join this committee, you don’t need to have experience with organizing camps. Especially for new members it’s a nice committee to join. You get to know the association better and it doesn’t take much time, since it’s only 6-8 meetings before the weekend itself. You and your committee are really getting a team. And when everything is done, you sit down at Klankrijk with a nice beer (or soda) and feel pleased with all the happy members, thanks to your hard work. So do you feel like you want to be the “boss” of the Mussenest for a weekend? Join the WeekendCie!