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The trip of  2019… FABELHAFT!
Between the 7th and the 14th of July 2019 the WSKOV will go on Trip!

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Fabelhaft! will be the great tour in the summer of 2019 where both the choir and the orchestra will go abroad to come into contact with new people and make wonderful music with each other.

About the tour
The theme “Fabelhaft” is based on the main location of this tour: The city of Freiburg (im Breisgau), in the Schwarzwald, Germany. The word “Fabelhaft” means Fabulous or Magnificent, Reflecting on the great concerts and music we are going to perform, as well as Magical and Fairy-like. These reflect on the area known for its tales, as well as the great realm within the WSKOV, where great friendships are formed.

The Trip will include several concerts whereof one in Maastricht, so visiting us in The Netherlands is possible! We are also going to perform twice in Freiburg, For one of the concerts we are collaborating with a very special local orchestra. With whom? We will keep that a secret for now. Of course, we will also rehearse during our time away to get everything perfect for the ear.

In these cities we will stay in youth hostels, where we will have our own private quarters as association. The trip committee will also make sure there are three meals a day for everyone, included in the price (see below). Transport will be by coach.

Besides concerts and rehearsals there will be more than enough time for everyone to experience local German culture. There is time to go sightseeing and to make it even better, the trip committee will organise a handful of great activities, which will vary from active outdoor sports or walking to Crafted beer tasting till an over-enthusiastic party. We have not set everything yet, so if you have suggestions please let us now!


You can adopt one of our participants to support us!

You can adopt one of our members!
The Trip Committee has been working on organizing the Trip of 2019 for quite a while. However with a lot of effort only we are not able to make it a succes. Financial support is essential is projects of this size! Therefore we would like to ask for a small donation. You can do this by adopting and sponsoring for example: a (grand)child, friend or one of our conductors. Do you have a warm-heart for the celli? Then adopt them! This way you are able to bring the WSKOV to Germany!
You can put the name of the person you are adopting in the form below. For questions feel free to ask any Trip Committee member or send an E-mail to:

The donations will be used by the WSKOV Trip Committee to fund concert- and rehearsal locations in Germany for the whole of the WSKOV.

-IBAN: NL98 INGB 0007 6085 85-

Without support we are not able to go on Trip and make Fabelhaft a great success!

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We hope to see you all participating or at our concerts!