Wageningen Choir and Orchestra Association

The RedaXie is the committee which organizes the paperwork for every season, such as program booklets, the mini-magazine Intermezzo, the Headnut Booklet and the Lustrum almanac. Together we form a  editorial office. You write some pieces and you design and print the booklets. Being creative is the keyword! Here’s a short list with descriptions of the paperwork:
The program booklets contain all the information about the pieces WSKOV performs at the concert. It consist of a small word from the board, the complete “Who is on the stage” list and information about composers and their pieces. Also it has some information about the conductors and possible soloists. It is written in Dutch and English.

The mini-magazine is especially for WSKOV-members. The name has changed a lot over the years, and now it’s called Intermezzo. In the magazine you can find all sort of items. Often it includes a board interview, some stories/reviews of concerts from members, a quote list, puzzles and sometimes a coloring… but it can also become something else, use your imagination!

The Headnut Booklet is a small booklet, also especially for WSKOV-members, containing photographs of all the members with some information about themselves. It’s nice to have something like this for the future, so you’ll never forget your fellow musicians, even when you’re eighty!