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Wageningen Student Choir and Orchestra Association

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Although we love music, we don’t just make music. Between the rehearsals we have a lot of fun, and the AcCie is a big part of this.

This creative bunch of organisers makes sure we have plenty of activities, from chocolate karaoke and beer tasting, to musically themed lectures and escape rooms. And best of all, these activities are free or take a negligible contribution when you’re a member. Join the committee if you have a crazy idea for an event or if you want to learn or practice some organisational skills, or join the activity itself to have a great night out!


The AIDCie makes sure our association is represented during the AID every season! With the characteristic AID stand, banners and of course a lot of enthusiasm this committee introduces possible new members to the WSKOV.


The Goodcie is a creative committee that takes care of the WSKOV goodies. We design and sell sweaters, t-shirts, pencils, stickers, etc and also give gifts to the active members.


The IntegraCie is a joint committee of the WSKOV and the Ontzetting. This committee organises joint activities so the members of these associations can get to know each other better.


The KasCo is the committee responsible for checking the financial reporting and overall functioning of the treasurer of the board of the WSKOV. We do this by amongst others, checking all the payments that are made but also if they have been registered in the proper way, i.e. checking the bookkeeping. In addition, we count all the money that is received in cash by the board. When all of this is in order, the treasurer wraps everything up into a financial half year report, including the most important financial results, which is checked by us as well.


We are the Mucie, the commission of WSKOV that chooses the music for every season. We search pieces and in consultation with our conductors, who choose the joined pieces, we compile the total program. We have two subcommissions, the orchestraMucie and the choirMucie. These two commissions choose the pieces that the orchestra or the choir will perform on their own. This way we eventually create the fantastic combination of pieces that you will sing, play and listen to.


The RedaXie is the committee which organizes the paperwork for every season, such as program booklets, the mini-magazine Intermezzo, the Headnut Booklet and the Lustrum almanac. Together we form a  editorial office. You write some pieces and you design and print the booklets. Being creative is the keyword! Here’s a short list with descriptions of the paperwork:
The program booklets contain all the information about the pieces WSKOV performs at the concert. It consist of a small word from the board, the complete “Who is on the stage” list and information about composers and their pieces. Also it has some information about the conductors and possible soloists. It is written in Dutch and English.

The mini-magazine is especially for WSKOV-members. The name has changed a lot over the years, and now it’s called Intermezzo. In the magazine you can find all sort of items. Often it includes a board interview, some stories/reviews of concerts from members, a quote list, puzzles and sometimes a coloring… but it can also become something else, use your imagination!

The Headnut Booklet is a small booklet, also especially for WSKOV-members, containing photographs of all the members with some information about themselves. It’s nice to have something like this for the future, so you’ll never forget your fellow musicians, even when you’re eighty!

TripCie /

Exchange committee

Every other year, the WSKOV leaves the beautiful town of Wageningen to broaden its horizon by going on a tour (or trip, in Dutch) to a foreign destination. For about a week, the members of the orchestra and choir get the opportunity to play music together and perform at concerts, inspired by the place of destination. Next to that, there is ample time to get to know each other better and meet other European musicians. Besides music, the local culture and surroundings are discovered by visiting museums, walks in the surroundings and enjoying the local cuisine. Previous tours have already led us to Uppsala and Stockholm (2012), Valladoid and Zaragoza (2017) and Freiburg (2019). For the summer of 2021, circumstances permitting, a tour is planned to Brno (Czech Republic) and Vienna.


The WeekendCie is the committee which organizes the seasonal rehearsalweekend. During this weekend, we (normally) go to the Mussenest, a camping house in the middle of the forest not far away from Wageningen. With rehearsals, fun and ‘gezelligheid’ it’s a nice weekend. The WeekendCie takes care of everything besides the rehearsals. This includes doing the groceries, hiring and driving the van with all the luggage/instruments, leading the chores which have to be done and organizing a cool WeekendGame. About the chores; you don’t have to do all the dishes and such stuff! You lead a little team which will do this. Also, you make the announcements, answer questions, provide food to the members and wake everybody up. On Friday, you’ll be the first at the Mussenest to open it up. On Sunday evening, you make sure everything is clean and ready, so you can close the building and return the keys. This all sounds like a lot to take care of, but you’ll learn a lot about organizing a camp of ander woord and it’s fun to do! To join this committee, you don’t need to have experience with organizing camps. Especially for new members it’s a nice committee to join. You get to know the association better and it doesn’t take much time, since it’s only 6-8 meetings before the weekend itself. You and your committee are really getting a team. And when everything is done, you sit down at Klankrijk with a nice beer (or soda) and feel pleased with all the happy members, thanks to your hard work. So do you feel like you want to be the “boss” of the Mussenest for a weekend? Join the WeekendCie!